Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Review of JULIAN'S PURSUIT by Haleigh Lovell & GC Giveaway



She is the cold and unfeeling Ice Queen at the corporate office.
He is the ex-baller and reformed player who wants her.
It is pulsing between them, the sexual energy reaching for each other, seeking to entwine

Let the pursuit begin.

NOTE: Standalone novel, no cliffhanger, dual POV.


When we first meet Julian, he is interviewing for the job of his dreams with the one and only Ice Queen.  Even though he knows he needs to keep his head in the game, he can't help but admire Sadie's beauty.  What he doesn't know is that Sadie has the same response to him.  When they start working together, Julian can't help but pursue Sadie.  He can tell there is more to her then what is on the surface and he will stop at nothing to lure her out of her icy shell.

Sadie can't help but admire Julian's persistence.  Everyday he stops by her office to ask her out for lunch or coffee.  Finally she gives in when he offers froyo.  From that day on, he inches his way further under her skin.  While she would love nothing more than to give into her desires, she knows she has too much going on in her personal life to ever entertain the idea of a relationship.  However, that all changes one night when Julian catches her during a trying time and stays by her side supporting her.

Will Sadie be able to let her guard down and finally give her heart to Julian?  Will Julian continue his pursuit of Sadie and his HEA?  In order to find out you will need to read this one.  I promise you will not be disappointed.  This book has plenty of angst, heartbreak and steamy sex for everyone.  I loved how Julian was so supportive of Sadie and stepped up to the plate when she needed someone to lean on.  They made such a perfect couple that you could not help but root for them to be together.      

The author did a wonderful job of drawing you into the story and keeping you there until the last page.  Oh, did I mention that this book is a standalone and has no cliffhanger?  Well if not, there you have it, what's not to love about that?  Great job Ms. Lovell, I can't wait to see what you write next! 


This excerpt is from Sadie's POV. Enjoy:

I stroked his leg under the table with my foot. “Oh,” I moaned, making my voice airy and breathless. “Is the food orgasmic?”

He smiled, a curve of his sculpted mouth. “You enjoy torturing me, don’t you?”
Yes, I did. I took great pleasure in watching him squirm when I gave him blue veined throbbers out in public. And I found it especially amusing when he told me he pictured playing mini golf with his grandmother whenever he had to tame the rumbling in his loins.

“Why?” I lowered my voice and feigned innocence. “Do you have a hard-on right now?”
Grinning with just enough arrogance to make him look sexy, he reclined in his seat and said coolly, “Nah. That’s my dick normally. Huge, right?”

“You poor thing.” My shoulders lifted with laughter. “Is your stiffy giving you a hernia? 

Don’t worry, all you need to do is tuck and duck and I’ll try not to laugh.”

“Miss Frost,” he chided “behave yourself.”


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