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Review & Giveaway ~ ROOM FOR MORE by Beth Ehemann

Title: Room for More
Author: Beth Ehemann
Release date February: 20th 2014 

Four years ago, my dreams were shattered in an instant.

Three months ago, I found something I haven’t had in years.


That hope came in the form of a sexy, carefree hockey player named Brody Murphy. He swooped in and won me over with his big heart and the way he cared for me…and my girls. When they look at him, they see the father they’ve never had.

Now, my past and present are colliding and the outcome might just be too much for me to bear. Can I make the right decision when I’ve spent my whole life making the wrong ones?


     This book picks up right where the first one left off.  Brody and Kacie spend most of their time together until practice and the new season starts for Brody.  Neither one of them what to be without the other one, but they understand this is how their lives are going to be for a while. 
     In order to graduate, Kacie must complete her externship at the local hospital.  During her first shift she gets an unexpected surprise when she comes face to face with her ex Zach.  She is not sure how to handle this and decides to keep it from Brody until she can figure everything out. 
     Brody couldn’t be more in love if he tried.  Kacie and the twinkies are his whole world.  While he hates being away from them, he knows he needs to focus on this upcoming season as it is his contract year.  In order to guarantee he won't be traded and forced to leave his home state, he must play his best and be free from distractions.  
     Soon both of their worlds come crashing down when Brody learns of Zach’s return and of his parents impending divorce.  He leaves Kacie to wonder if he will ever forgive her for hiding information about Zach and starts a downward spiral.  Will Kacie be able to get through to him?  Will he be able to come to terms with his parents marriage ending?  In order to find out, you will need to read the book. 
     This book was such a great sequel the first book, Room For You.  I don’t know if it is possible to feel any more connected to Brody and Kacie.  There were times during this book that I could have rung both their necks!!  I mean seriously!  How are you going to have a relationship where trust and truth are two of the upmost important things and not do it?   Both Brody and Kacie made stupid decisions, but I believe in the end it makes their relationship that much stronger. 
    The secondary characters in the book are so great!  Kacie’s friends Alexa and Lauren are so wonderful, especially Lauren.  There were times I wanted to yell WTF to Alexa, but she later redeemed herself.  Brody’s friends Andy and Viper are great as well.  I think the coach adequately describes Brody and Viper’s relationship when he calls them Dumb and Dumber.  I hope we get another book and Andy gets his HEA.  He has been through so much and I just want him to be happy.
     All in all this is really a good read.  I was so happy with how the book ended and I do hope we see more in the future.  It would be nice to see Brody and Kacie have more children as well as updates for the other characters.  Make sure to get your copy, you will not be disappointed!  


“Who’s Viper?” Lucy asked.
“Uh . . . Viper is one of my friends.” I chose my words carefully. No way could I ever accurately describe Viper to a six-year-old without scaring the hell out of her.
“Does he play hockey too?” Piper chimed in.
“Yep. He’s on my team.”
“Why did his mommy name him Viper?” Lucy scrunched up her nose in disapproval when she said his name.
“That’s not his real name, Baby, it’s just a nickname.” I laughed quickly. “His real name is Lawrence Finkle.”
Lucy and Piper shoveled their soup in their mouths, seemingly unaffected by what I’d just said. Kacie, on the other hand, stared at me with her mouth open.
“Viper’s real name is Lawrence Finkle?”
“You didn’t know that?” I cocked my head slightly to the side.
“No!” She gawked at me in disbelief. “That’s like . . . the nerdiest name ever!”
“Finkle Tinkle,” Lucy said to Piper before exploding in laughter.
Piper crossed her eyes and responded, “Finkle Tinkle Winkle.”
Lucy threw her head back and laughed so hard the vein in her neck popped out. A second later, Piper joined her, giggling hysterically.
I looked at Kacie and tilted my head toward the girls. “Easy crowd, huh?”
She didn’t even hear me. She was too busy staring down at the two laughing hyenas with that mommy glow all over her face. If anyone ever asked me to, it would be really hard to describe exactly what love looks like, but I got to witness it firsthand every time Kacie looked at her girls. The way she loved them made me love her more, if that was even possible.

Beth Ehemann lives in the northern suburbs of Chicago with her 4 crazy kids and her husband, who’s also a big kid most of the time. She loves reading, photography, martinis and all things Chicago Cubs.




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