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Review of THE SEASON: KAUFMAN by Nicole Edwards & Giveaway!

Now Available! The Season: Kaufman 

by Nicole Edwards

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Spencer Kaufman

When I signed on to the NHL, I promised to give 150% to thegame. I’ve done that.

Little did I know, but they would ask more from me thanmerely my skill on the ice. The team wanted me to be their captain. It’s anhonor, one I’ve done my best to fulfill. Although I can’t take all the credit,I was there to lead when we won the Stanley Cup.

I’m still at the helm now, when we’ve hit rock bottom. Iknow I have let my fears get in the way. I’ve let down the team, even if theydon’t realize what I’ve done.

Now that the new season’s underway, I’m being called out. Ideserve it. I can deal with that. It won’t be easy, but I’ll persevere.

What I can’t deal with is her.
She surprised me.
She came out of nowhere and blindsided me.

And there’s one serious issue.

Now that I have her, I refuse to let her go.

*This is a full-length, standalone novel. It is part of theAustin Arrows series, but can be read independently.

Wow! This book is absolutely scorching!! If you read the first book in this series (and if not you REALLY need to 1-click your copy today) you wouldn't think things could have gotten any hotter, but you would be completely mistaken! Nicole has taken the heat from Rush and turned it up a few more degrees. This book has everything you need in a story, there's heat, romance, friends to lovers, HOT best friend's brother, oh, and did I mention off the charts sex? Seriously, you will not go wrong with this one. 

Noelle and Spencer are perfect for each other. They both want more out of life, but are unsure of how to achieve complete happiness. When they decide to give into their desire for each other they found more than they ever expected. 

No, their journey to their HEA wasn't smooth sailing, but the lessons they learned along the way were priceless. Once I started this read, I couldn't get enough. I absolutely adored Noelle and Spencer. The author did a wonderful job for incorporating the first book without making it feel like you were reading the same book twice. Although, I'm sure this will be one I re-read so reading it twice won't matter to me. 

If you are looking for a friends to lovers/best friend's brother read, this is the one for you. I promise that once you start, you will not be able to put it down. Well, you may need to put it down to take a cold shower or relieve some "stress". 

The SEASON: Kaufman (Austin Arrows, 2) Chapter 1

Thursday, October 6th

“I MADE AN EXTRA CHICKEN breast. You want one or two?” Ichuckle, can’t help it. “Seriously. One or two? Can I possibly ask a dumberquestion?”
That unladylike snort … yeah, that was me.

While I fork my chicken breast onto my own plate, I don’tbother waiting for a response. I know what the answer will be. Two. Always two.Extra protein is never a bad thing.

After adding a heaping spoonful of steamed vegetables to myplate, I grab my wineglass and head to the table. I’m starving because I missedlunch today. That sometimes happens with my job. There are days that’ll go bywhen I’m bored to tears, standing behind the bar, and others when I can hardlystop long enough to take a breath. Sometimes I’ll snag some fried pickles if Iget a chance. Today was the lack-of-breath kind of day. Go, go, go. All daylong.

As I step out of my small galley kitchen, a knock sounds onmy door. My bare feet squeak on the linoleum as I come to an abrupt halt. Imanage to do that fancy lift and tilt thing to keep my wine from sloshing overthe edge.

Disaster averted.

“Noelle! Honey, it’s Mom and Dad!”

Or not.

“Crap, crap, crap.” I glance between my front door and thesmall, two-seat table in my breakfast nook currently set up with, nope, not onebut two place settings. For the record, two is not a good number when thesingle girl’s mom comes banging on the door.

“Open up, Noelle! We thought we’d surprise you!”

Okay, well, I have to say my parents definitely accomplishedtheir goal, because I am completely befuddled as I stand here debating what Ishould do. To a normal person, it might be a no-brainer. Open the door, let the’rents come on in.

I’m not so sure this situation is going to qualify me asnormal.

To answer or not to answer? That is the question.

On the other hand, I could be as quiet as possible andpretend I’m not home. Which, with my luck, won’t work. The fact that all thelights in my apartment are blazing and my baby blue Prius is parked directly infront of my window doesn’t help my cause any. Since no one else in the worlddrives a baby blue Prius, I can’t very well hide it.


But I could’ve gone out with friends, right? Could I be solucky that they’d think that? It is a possibility. Maybe. Or, better yet, maybethey’ll think I’m at the Penalty Box. I tend to work a lot.

Yes, that’s definitely more logical.

Except, yep, you nailed it, the car is here.

Then again, if I weren’t so pathetic and didn’t choose tospend all my free time at home—unless I’m at my best friend Ellie’s—it might bean easier sell. They know me. I’m not the going-out type. Plus, they’veprobably already stopped by the bar to see if I’m there. They know that I muchprefer a microwaved dinner at home, especially on a rare evening that I don’tspend waiting tables and slinging beer because I choose to.

Another knock makes my heart skip a beat.

“Stay calm. It’s cool.” I’ve been telling myself that fartoo much lately.

“Noelle! Are you all right, honey?”

Knowing my grumpy upstairs neighbor is likely going to havea cow any second now, I rush to the front door, unlock the deadbolt, and turnthe knob. Instantly, Marie Dexter barrels into me, pulling me into her arms,crushing my face to her generous bosom.

My mother smells like roses. A sweet, familiar scent thatmakes me hug her back, despite the inconvenient timing of her arrival.
“Hi, Mom,” I say, my words muffled against her boobs.

She pulls back to look at me. “What took you so long? I wasgetting worried.”

My dad slips past my mother, giving me a knowing smirk. EdDexter loves when Marie goes all motherly on me. Come to find out, when mysister and I aren’t around, he gets to be the one Marie mothers. Not that heminds. They’ve been married for thirty-six years, so he’s used to it, or so hesays.

“Ooh. You got new curtains.” My mother gently pulls away toadmire the floor-to-ceiling cream sheers hanging on the wide front window.
I follow her gaze, glaring at my car sitting right there.Traitor.

I focus on the comforting hand my mother has on my arm.Always keeping me close, that woman.
I’m the oldest—my sister, Julie, who is seven years youngerthan me, was an oops baby—which should’ve meant my mother didn’t coddle mequite so much. That isn’t the case. Never has been. I’m not sure if it’sbecause there’s such a huge age gap between me and Julie, but whatever thereason, my mother likes to baby both of us equally. I’m thirty-four. You’dthink she would’ve toned it down by now. Nope. In fact, I think she might begetting more motherly.

Honestly, she’s been this way since I was little. And,truthfully, I was the normal kid. The kind who wanted to do nothing more thanbe outside. Yep, totally me. Right up until sixth grade, when we moved toAustin, next door to the girl who would quickly become my best friend in theworld. Either there was something in the Texas water or someone injected mewith a doofus hormone, because upon moving here, I became stupid, whichtranslates to: boy crazy. I think my mother worried about me more then. Thatlasted about two years. Three tops. When it became glaringly obvious that TonySomething-or-other wasn’t going to fall madly in love with the short, frumpygirl with glasses and braces, I decided to focus on my schoolwork and left theflirting with boys up to my best friend, Ellie. She was much better at it thanme.

Luckily, I’m not so frumpy anymore, and I’ve shed the bracesand glasses. Sure, I’m still short, and my boobs never did really develop, butthat no longer bothers me. I’m me. That’s what matters.

​What does bother me is the fact that Mom and Dad pop inunannounced all the freaking time. Of all nights, why did it have to be now?

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