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Review of BEAUTIFULLY BRUTAL by Nicole Edwards & Giveaway!

Sometimes love isn't beautiful...

Meet Max & Courtney in this southern mafia romance!

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Sometimes love isn’t beautiful...
Sometimes the only way to describe it is beautifully brutal.
If you think you know him… You’re wrong.
If you think you know his family… Wrong again.
If you think you know his story… You don’t.
If you did, you’d likely wonder how the hell a man like Maximillian Adorite managed to make it to this point in his life. At twenty-nine, he’s experienced more than most people could only ever imagine, all thanksto his family. Organized crime they call it. Mafia.
No matter how they spin it, it comes down to one thing. Max gets what he wants. Except for the one thing he wants most.
Her name is Courtney Kogan.
And now that he’s had a taste of her, Max knows he’ll never be able to let her go.

*The Southern Boy Mafia series is a spinoff from the Sniper 1 Security series. It has been set up to be read without reading Sniper 1 Security, however, the characters will frequently cross over.


This was simply one book I found hard to put down. It seems as though Nicole Edwards is incapable of writing a book I don't like.  I have been with her from her first book and she will continue to be an author that I automatically 1-Click.  

Beautifully Brutal brings together two people who couldn't be more opposite if they tried.  Courtney's family runs Sniper Security and she is actively a part of the company.  Hell the reason she first met Max was because of her job.  Max is the leader of Southern Boy Mafia and he is not ashamed of who he is.  He knew he was bad news and should have stayed far away from Courtney, but something about her kept pulling her to him.

They both knew their relationship was impossible, she worked for the good guys, always trying to make the world a better place and Max was the everything she fought against.  However, right and wrong is not always black and white.  Courtney knew Max would never hurt her and would always keep her safe, but how could she possible love someone as dark as Max.  Max knew Courtney was initially introduced into his world for her job, but he couldn't help but fall for her.  However, he wasn't sure how much of their time together was for her job and how much was because she cared for him.  

Could this unconventional relationship work?  Who would bend and give into the other?  Would either of them sacrifice what they thought was right in order to be with the other?  How would their families react to them being together?  The answers to these questions and so many more will blow you away.  

I couldn't get enough of this book.  I truly enjoyed Max and Courtney's story, even though at times it made me cringe at some of the things Max did.  I understood where both characters were coming from and both of them needing to be strong for their respective reasons.  The more the story developed, the faster it seemed I wanted to get to the end.  I have to say that Courtney really surprised me, but in a good way.  In order to understand, you will have to read this one.  

Nicole did a wonderful job with giving the back stories on these two so you understood where they were coming from.  I can't wait for the next book in this series, because let me tell you, if it is anything like the insight we got from Leyton (Max's head of security), we are in for a scorcher!!! Keep your fingers crossed that it will be here soon, because if not, I may die from withdraw!          


This thing between them, the chemistry ... it was already smoking, threatening to set off the fire alarms, and the longer she was with him, the more she wanted him, the more she craved his smile, his kiss, his touch.  It was a recipe for disaster, and she was hard-pressed to ignore it.

Which was ultimately the problem.


Before RT could say anything else, Courtney's cell phone chimed.

She was up and walking across the kitchen before she realized she'd moved.  A waive of dizziness swept over her, letting her know she was a little on the tipsy side.  How many shots had she had?  Three? Four?  Seven?

Squinting down at the screen, Courtney frowned when she saw who it was. 

Punching the talk button, she put the phone to her ear.  "What do you want?"

"Let me through the gate."



God, she hated the way he said her name.  It was so...sexual.

"Let me through."

Signing, Courtney hung up the phone and then hit the icon for the program to allow her to see who was at the main gate of the family compound.  Sure enough, it was Max.  More accurately, it was 
Max's phantom-black Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat idling at the gate, waiting for her to grant him entry.

"Damn it."

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About the Author:

New York Times bestselling author Nicole Edwards launched her professional writing career in July of 2012. Having been an avid reader all of her life and a huge fan of creative writing, it seemed the likely path for her to take. Since then, she has released fifteen books and has no plans to stop. As her full-time career/hobby, Nicole writes steamy contemporary and erotic romances. Nicole is a New York Times and USA Today bestselling author who was born and raised in Texas. Married with three kids and four dogs, she has plenty of interaction to keep her imagination brewing. Her books have been featured in USA Today’s Happy Ever After segment as well as Indie Reader’s best seller list. She has forged her way as an independent author. Although she has a bachelor’s degree in Human Resources, she prefers to be hiding out in her writing cave, talking to the fictional characters that have built up in her head over the years. When she isn’t writing or plotting her next book (sometimes translated to “playing on Facebook”), Nicole loves to read and spend time with her family and her dogs.

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