Thursday, January 30, 2014

Review of High-Heeled Wonder by Avery Flynn

**Provided ARC for Honest Review**

     This is the first book I have read by Avery Flynn and it did not disappoint!  This book has it all: suspense, sexual tension, stalking, danger, steamy sex scenes and love.  Sylvie is a fashion blogger who has been receiving frightening emails from someone wanting her to shut down her blog.  Tony is an ex-cop who owns a security company hired to keep her safe and find the threat to Sylvie.  From their first meeting at her sister’s wedding, they have been fighting the sexual tension surrounding them.  Tony doesn’t want to give in to his feelings for her because he doesn’t want it to cloud his judgment and his ability to keep her save.  Sylvie has played it safe her entire life and decided she has had enough.  She knows what she wants and what she wants is Tony.  As the danger to Sylvie escalates, so do their feelings for each other.  As I hate any reviews that give too much away, I refuse to do the same.  My only advice to you is to get this book and see what happens for yourself, you will not be disappointed!! 


“Can we pretend for just a little while that there’s nothing on the other side of the door?  That nothing horrible happened today?  That we’re just two people who want each other?”

“Remember the night in the kitchen when you told me we’re all broken?  Well, you’re right.  But when I’m with you, I’m more than just a mass of mistakes.  With you I feel hope.  I feel…whole.”


     Blood spattered Sylvie’s cheek and dripped off her jaw.  Her face had turned from olive to ghostly white, the normal sparkle of her green eyes dulled by shock. 

     Something inside him broke.

      “My God, where are you hit?”  His hands were everywhere, smearing the crimson liquid as he searched for her injury.

      “It’s not my blood.  It’s—“  Her mouth trembled.
     Relief flooded through him and lightened his arms.  He wrapped them tight around Sylvie to reassure himself as much as her.

     And he didn’t let go until the cops released them from the scene.

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